Tuesday, 2 August 2011

IN MEMORIUM - St Mary-in-the-Castle Crypt, Hastings

In Memoriam

Artist-In-Residence Cathryn Kemp
Sound Designer Nick Weekes

A collaboration in textiles & sound 

Private View - Saturday, August 6, 2011, 6-8pm 
Drop-in days from Saturday 12pm.
St Mary-In-The-Castle Crypt, Hastings Old Town; entrance through St Mary-In-The-Castle Cafe.

"Inside the crypt is a palpable sense of sadness, which grows and blooms the longer I sit here. At times, I almost feel I have summoned the spirits of the young women and girls whose anonymous lives I am collecting and recording."
Diary entry, July 26, 2011, Cathryn Kemp

www.cathrynkemp.com  www.tedversicolor.co.uk
Working in the crypt.....Cathryn
Working in the crypt...Nick

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